What We Do



Our knowledgeable airport employees will not stop until each one of your passengers is safe and compliantly served. Our experience across the region has allowed us to encounter and successfully manage a wide range of issues that can emerge when traveling internationally by plane.

Cargo Handling

Our cargo team has a high international experience in handling the full range of cargo operations; from live animals to dangerous cargo, time- and temperature-sensitive shipments and project cargo. We partner with international airlines and cargo operators to provide you with a wide range of services and solutions for air cargo shipments on scheduled flights.

Ground Handling

Prior to takeoff, we can form a partnership with you to provide the full range of operational support services you need, including but not limited to lavatory services, aircraft cleaning, disposal coordination, marshalling, towing, parking, slots and hangar coordination, and ground support equipment service and coordination.


We partner with the best brokers, and into-plane fuel providers in the industry in order to complete our services with convenient prices, financing, and coordination of your fuel needs.

Catering Coordination

Your catering needs are addressed across our facilities, from fine meals to simple snacks. While on the ground, we can offer booking services to transport your workers.

Security Coordination

We have prepared experts to protect travelers and flying machine. Extraordinary faculty complying with the most noteworthy measures for security services.

Flight Dispatch

Licenses flight dispachers agents 24/7 on duty

Ramp Transportation

To/From aircraft parking, cargo and passengers ramp to immigrations and costums building


We are without a doubt the best option.

Line Maintenance

FAA/AMP technicians


Overflight/landing permits


For Cargo Services

All of our employees and agents are 100% vaccinated and follow all COVID 19 protocols.